Friday, April 1, 2011

Ribbon boutonniere and fresh/artficial flowers for free by Mrs. Yanie!

mahukan yang ini??

*pic from here*

ex b2b yang baik hati YANIE bermurah hati buat giveaway utk semua bride to be yang bakal berkahwin pada tahun ini April hingga December 2011.

Tak susah, mudah aje, semudah 1,2,3.hehe...

"OKAY, so for the FREE 30 ribbons boutonnire for 2 B2B, and 1 fresh/artficial handbouquet for 1 B2B, what i want you guys to do is, send an email to me at, put in your details such as Your Name, Your age, Your Wedding Date, Your Wedding Theme colour, Your blog link, and write just a short message (no word counts) why you want the corsages/handbouquet so so much? Just a short one k..."

so, apalagi...
nak lebih lanjut click SINI ye....

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